The Brews

Regent Street Wheat

This is an American wheat beer – not a German style beer. It has a pale straw color with   moderately low bitterness, highlighting the aroma and flavor of wheat. The hop character is refined and delicate while complimenting the wheat malt.

Hoppy Go Lucky

This dry Pale Ale has a medium copper color with a fine balance of malt and hop from the USA as well as the UK. Bitterness is medium high with a pleasing blend of hop aromas and flavors.

1313 Big Red Ale

This beer has a deep reddish brown color and accents malt while still having a pleasing and balanced hop character. Flavors include a blend of caramel, toast, chocolate and fruit that compliments the wide variety of blended malts and hops in use.

Madtown Hops

This IPA has a medium gold color with a full hop bitterness. While it has a very pronounced hop aroma and flavor, it remains very well balanced and drinkable.

5th Quarter Porter

Our Porter has a very deep red to black color, which is the result of using a wide variety of malts from the USA and the UK. Rich, full flavored and smooth, it has a complex character with a distinctive blend of various hop varieties. 

Our Brewmaster

Grant Johnston, brewmaster extraordinaire since 1989, touts extensive experience from California to London to Chicago – and now here at Lucky’s 1313 Brew Pub. Grant formulated the winner of the Champion Beer of London competition in 2001 and has been awarded numerous gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival. He’s also participated as a judge at the Great American Beer Festival, the Great British Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup in the U.S. In his free time, he travels internationally to visit breweries – from Ireland, Belgium and Germany to China and Japan. This guy knows his stuff, and we’re lucky to have him! If you want a champion taste and a favorite place, it’s Lucky’s 1313 Brew Pub.